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Sex experts reveal their favorite best wireless, remote control vibrators. Remote, Bluetooth, or App-Control Vibrators give you way more control than most. Digitally to you or your partner's phone, so it's great for masturbation.


Personal trainer with powerful quiet vibration & eco-friendly with USB-rechargeable battery.

This is flexible and controllable by an application on your smartphone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and they all have unique features that will effortlessly flavor up your sexual life. Want your lover to be in control? Simply download the app and allow them to control the vibrations. A wireless wearable vibrator designed to stimulate your G-Spot and clitoris. Curve design can touch your G-Spot better! Strong vibrations will stimulate the entire sensitive zone.

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About Adultscare

Being the infamous land of Kamasutra, India no longer lacks in the department of lovemaking, sensual pleasure, and intimacy. Day after day people is becoming more aware of the benefits of sex and the immense level of pleasure obtained with it. Being the cardio of choice, sex is simply the basic need of life and everyone loves exploring their deviant sexual side with the fulfillment of deep fantasies.

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Irrespective of the good old satisfying sex people still use sex toys in India in addition to tongues, fingers, vaginas, and penises. All of these surely provide a certain level of satisfaction and enjoyment. Thus, the basic question here arises why these are used in the first place?

In addition to their therapeutic uses such as erection assistance, sex toys for men are renowned for driving imagination that has been taking by a machine and provide a completely different way to do old things, the stimulating effects in normal sex can vary a lot and some of these female sex toys can also provide experiences that won't be possible through normal stimulation using body parts (in general electro-stimulation and vibrating sex toys).

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Being India's largest online sex toy store, brings to you the famous range of sex products online from all around the world. We're the leading multi-brand online retailer of an awesome range of delightful sex toys ranging from dongs, dildos, cock rings, vibrators, masturbators, bondage toys, stimulants, and lubricants.

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Whether you're looking to buy adult toys India combination sex toys, thrusting and moving sex toys, sensation change toys, or are browsing the internet for your conventional vibrator, you can be sure that you're getting the best product from the finest names in the sex toy industry. From the latest to the oldest ones in the series, our stores make sure that every customer requirement is met.

A Peek Inside The Store

Product selection under caters to the requirement of everyday shoppers. Toys are categorized systematically in accordance with the needs of a man/woman who is either searching for the ideal toy for himself/herself.

With the adult products online showroom from you would surely get a personalized shopping experience for customers that get enhanced after offering reward club points, store credit, email reminders, wish list, email reminders, refund policies linked with store credit.

Browse through an unmatched selection of Sex toys and accessories from renowned brands from women, men, and couples of all orientations including heterosexuals, homosexuals, and lesbians. With Adult store, you've got diverse choices for enthusiasts and adults worldwide including sex toys for women across psychographic and demographic segments.

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With a huge selection of products, we've also got a wide variety of deals to help you choose from with payment options that simply sets us quite apart from the rest. Our primary concern lies in serving customers with the best possible care to deliver the products to you with complete delicacy and secrecy. Whether it is a product meant for the enhancement of your manhood or to add up a new zest to your sexual life, we simply strive to provide you with many options for sex toys online at the finest rates available in the market.


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